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Are you studying for the medical coding CPC exam from AAPC? I can tell you from experience the most difficult part of passing the exam is answering all the questions in the time they give you (5 hours and 40 minutes).

Unless you have a plan the chances are high that you will not finish the exam on time and leave 20 or 30 questions unanswered. Or, if you did answer them you did so in such a hurry that you couldn’t give them the proper attention they deserved and might not have answered them correctly.

The Medical Coding Exam System was created to solve this problem! With over 600 exam questions that mock the actual questions on the CPC exam, you will increase your coding speed and accuracy.

PLUS… you get the medical Coding Exam Strategy! The Medical Coding Exam Strategy shows you valuable tips on HOW to pass the CPC exam the first time.

Combine the two and the Medical Coding Exam System gives you a world class CPC exam preparation package that will help get you CPC certified!

Medical Coding Exam System